Sermons from First Baptist Church Distinctives on the vision of our church are available to hear through our website. The links below will play the sermons through the Youtube platform. You can also watch for new installments by subscribing to our First Baptist Church Prentice Youtube channel! 

09/02/18: We Exist to Display God's Glory   

09/09/18: Our God-Centered Joy Glorifies God

09/16/18: All of Life Can and Should Honor God

09/30/18: Submission to His Word Honors God

10/07/18: Acknowledging and Asking for His Help Honors God

10/15/18: God's Constant Agent in Transforming Us

Loving Our Neighbor by Embracing Church Membership

10/29/18: Loving Our Neighbor by Stewardship of Our Resources

11/4/18:Loving Our Neighbors by Utilizing our Spiritual Gifts

11/11/18:Pointing Each Other Continually Towards Jesus

11/18/18: Showing the Way of Wisdom to Younger Sojourners

11/25/18:Rejoicing in God's Salvation of His People

12/2/18:Rejoicing in God's Oversight of His People

1/6/19:Putting the First Things First in Life

1/13/19:Communicating God's Love for Lost Neighbors