Sermons from our current series, First Baptist Church Distinctives, highlighting the vision of our church as we reach upwards towards God, inwards towards other Christians, and outwards towards our community. The audio can be accessed through the links below, which will play the audio on the Youtube platform. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel, First Baptist Church Prentice to receive updates when we post the new sermons.

09/02/18: We Exist to Display God's Glory

09/09/18: Our God-Centered Joy Glorifies God

09/16/18: All of Life Can and Should Honor God

09/30/18: Submission to His Word Honors God

10/07/18: Acknowledging and Asking for His Help Honors God

10/14/18: God's Constant Agent in Transforming Us

10/21/18: Loving Our Neighbor by Embracing Church Membership